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Top reasons to cruise the Nile river | Luxury Cruises

Most cruises run between Luxor and Aswan, beginning by exploring the Luxor Temple – built by Amenhotep III and Ramses II – before heading to Karnak Temple along an avenue of ram-headed sphinxes.

Karnak Temple, Egypt

On the other side of the Nile, excursions will take you to the Valley of the Kings, home to the tomb of Tutankhamen; the Colossi of Memnon; the Temple of Hatshepsut, the only female pharaoh; and the Valley of the Queens.

Cruises then stop at the Ptolemaic temples of Esna, the wonderfully preserved Temple of Horus at Edfu, and the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to both Horus the Elder and the local crocodile god, Sobek.

After days of drifting through the fertile Nile Valley, surrounded by stunning desert scenery, you’ll reach the ancient trade city of Aswan, from which excursions are available to the Unfinished Obelisk,the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae and the colossal two temples of Abu Simbel, rescued from flooding by UNESCO during the building of the Aswan High Dam.


When is the best time for a Nile cruise?

The summer months can get very hot and humid with temperatures in excess of 95°F (35°C) – however prices for Nile cruises do come down during this hot season.The best time of year to take an Egypt cruise on the Nile is from November through to March/April, as this is when it is less hot and therefore more comfortable, with temperatures ranging between 68°F to 79°F (20 to 26°C).

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Nile cruise highlights

On your luxury Nile cruise you can visit the following:

  • The magnificent Temple of Luxor
  • Valley of the Kings as well as the nearby Colossi of Memnon
  • The West Bank
  • Hatshepsut’s Temple
  • The Temples of Karnak
  • Edfu
  • Kom Ombo
  • Aswan & The Aswan high dam
  • Temple of Philae

An Egyptian cruise can also encompass:

  • Lake Nasser
  • Abu Simbel temple

What do our Nile cruises include?

On board your luxury Nile cruise so much is included, making it exceptional value – all your shore excursions, food, accommodation and entertainment is included in the price of your cruise. When your cruise stops at the various ports of call along the Nile, your cruise director will advise you when the tours will leave. You will visit the temples in small groups, escorted by the cruise ships’ Egyptologist who will explain in detail what you are looking at, along with the history of the sites and temples. We recommend you do some reading up prior to your Egyptian cruise as there is so much to take in, and this will help you get the most out of your trip.

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When to book

We recommend you book your Egyptian cruises as early as possible, as the more popular suites on the luxury Nile cruise ships get booked up.

Where to stay in Egypt

Many people choose to stay in Cairo prior to their Nile cruise. A stay in Cairo will allow you to see the Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian museum and many more sites before your cruise. We can arrange private tours to all these places and more.

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