Best 5 Things to do in Luxor, Egypt 13
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Best 5 Things to do in Luxor, Egypt

Luxor Historical Sites

Luxor contains one-third of the world’s monuments and have the biggest temple in all wold (karnak temple) by it’s picturesque colors, Unique design resulting from diversity of religions result masterpiece.
Luxor temple with it’s great edifice, which commemorates drawings of King Ramesses the Second and it’s Huge statues.
In the western mainland of the city where we are heading for the Eternal Pharaonic tombs of the great and immortals of the Pharaohs Kings graves walls and colors as if they were painted yesterday, the mummy retention of the original image, the beauty of furniture in the tombs, accuracy in the design of coffins do we have to see?
Luxor museum contains many of the Pharaonic pieces in their original condition retained in full glamor with precision in sculpture and design.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Luxor

The passenger begins his journey by enjoying the sunrise with a vision of the city’s landmarks through the Pharaonic areas in a tour of the fresh air.

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Nile River Felucca

Enjoy a beautiful cruise with the charm of nature and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the sunrise and sunset
The most happy moments for the tourist when the boat swaying it as if it almost fell and sink, he feels very happy when touching the hands of the Nile water, and the most distinguishing feature is that it also swaying in the wind and this makes it more natural than the boats that are driven by motors.

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Visit Luxor Souq

Luxor includes two streets for shopping and buying gifts from the most prominent streets of Upper Egypt with dozens of tourist bazaars and various shops for perfumes and natural herbs and other gifts bought by tourists from different countries during the visit to Egypt.

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The cabriolet is a journey for lovers and tourists in Luxor.
The stagecoach is one of the oldest occupations in Luxor. It was inherited from its ancestors.
Spreading the city of Luxor and the strokes of the hooves of horses, which drag the carriages as a section of the prestigious tourist sections of the ancient city, they are part of the features of tourism and the most important means of transport and entertainment for tourists on the Corniche.

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