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Explore Top Attractions & Sightseeing in Cairo

Cairo has been continuously occupied for more than 6,000 years and its rich in history and culture. You might not believe it but it is one of the greatest megacities in the world. Cairo is a kind of city that travelers love to visit for once in their lifetime.


After entering the country, your senses will be able to feel the air that is filled with history & mystery spanning some centuries. You will see that our Cairo Tours are not complete without a stay in the cities.

Here you are going to find some of the best places to visit & interesting things to do in this energetic metropolis with our list of top attractions in Cairo.


Let’s explore 11 best places to visit in Cairo such as:-


Cairo’s Museums

When it comes to going to museums in the capital city of Egypt using our Cairo Tour Package, there are three main museums that you can choose for such as the Egyptian Museum, Coptic Museum:-


  1. a) Egyptian Museum

This museum houses some of the rarest & historical artifacts of the ancient time and will give you a sneak into the golden era of Egypt. The artifacts in the store of the museum showcase a comprehensive collection dating back to the pre-historic time such as Tutankhamen’s Treasures, Coins and Papyrus, Sarcophagi and Scarabs and many more.


  1. b) Coptic Museum

The Coptic Museum is pretty much different. It is a museum that holds more than 16,000 relics dating back to the presence of Christians in Egypt. The objective behind the establishment behind the museum is to showcase the history of Christian-Egyptian society.


Cairo’s Parks

There are numerous parks in Cairo but the most prominent of them are Al-Azhar Park and the Family Park that you can visit during the Cairo Day Tour:-


a) Al-Azhar Park

It is one of Cairo’s largest parks as it covers a space of 80 acres. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Cairo and it is located in the heart of historical Cairo near the Citadel and Al Sultan Hassan Mosque.


b) Family Park

It is one of the newest parks in Cairo located on the Suez road in New Cairo. It is the park that offers numerous ways to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as entertaining children.


Cairo’s Palaces

There are numerous palaces that you can sightsee during Cairo Tours and each one of them is outstanding but anyway, we have chosen two of them that are extremely special:-


a) Cairo Citadel

It is also known as Saladin palace and it is a truly a magnificent castle with Islamic fortification that houses a lot of Islamic monuments of various periods. Situated at the top of Mokattam hills, the castle is a highly visible landmark that draws people just like a bee gets attracted to the flower.


b) Tahra Palace

This Italianate Palazzo style palace is a sight for sore eyes with its magnificent halls and salon followed by impeccable royal gardens and its botanical brilliance that represents the finest work of the time.


Coptic Cairo

The heart of Old Cairo includes the Christian era of Egypt which will give you a colorful impression of Egypt’s ancient history. These are the attractions that you are going to watch during Cairo Tour Package are as follows:-


a) Babylon Fortress

It is located next to the Coptic museum across the Nile River. The fortress city Babylon is built by the Romans. Within the enclosure of the fortress, you can sightsee, six Coptic churches, a convent & the museum.


b) The Hanging Church

The Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the antediluvian buildings named due to its location with a nave suspended above the passage.


Islamic Cairo

It is a central ground where Muslim rulers stamped their presence. The palace is nicknamed ‘City of Thousand Minaret’ because of the mosques and minarets that surround the area like no other places. Here are some of the places of attraction that come under Islamic Cairo such as:-


  1. a) Mokattam Hills
  2. b) Mausoleum of Imam al-Shafi’i also known as the City of the Dead.
  3. c) The complex of Sultan al-Ashraf Qaytbay.


Tahrir Square

It is magnificent plaza in the heart of Cairo which is known for being the silent witness of the Great Egyptian revolution.


Cairo Tower

The sky-high structure is the product of modern Egypt. By entering & reaching the top of the tower, you can see the view of Cairo’s skyline.


Garden City

There are many more things to see during the Cairo Day Tour and Garden City is one of them. It is a well-planned & leafy district of Central Cairo immediately south of the very center of the Modern City at Midan Tahir.



It is one of the most overwhelming periods in the Nile river as well as the next creative marvel that permits the tourist to witness the growth & creative geniuses of Egypt.


Khan El-Khalili

The open market area is the major hub of Islamic Cairo & the best place to find some perplexing historical gifts & souvenirs.


Pharaonic Village

It is one of the last things that you can go during the Cairo City Break and it is none other visiting a Pharaonic village which is a few miles from Downtown Cairo. It is a place of beating history that tells about the ancient history precisely.


How Plan Egypt Tours Make Egypt Travel Best Holiday Tour Forever?

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