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Interesting Locations to Visit in Russia

If you want to see the biggest lakes in the world or to visit large cities with unique architecture and the coldest areas on our planet, you would definitely go to Russia. The country has the biggest territory of all countries so it provides interesting and unique destinations from warm south to freezy north.

The visitors have a chance to select the most appropriate ones for themselves, according to their taste. It is virtually impossible to reach all of them in a single visit because it would take too much time, however, it is definitely great to just a few of them. That’s because all of the popular destinations are magnificent, and they leave a strong and unforgettable impression on all visitors.


Great Cities

The cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg have a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions. The unique and interesting architecture of many buildings and monuments will leave you breathless. That’s why many are not capable of forgetting such an adventure.

If you live in the West, you do not have a chance to walk over Red Square every day. Visiting Kremlin Palace or Bolshoi Theatre is equally exciting so that’s something you have to do at least once in your lifetime.

Saint Petersburg is quite similar when it comes to a unique traveling experience. There are many great places in that city you will never forget. That’s why you must visit them as soon as possible. State Hermitage Museum, Peterhof Palace, and Vasilyevsky Island are some of those locations. Still, the list is quite long so you will have a large number of places to see after arriving here.

It is important to keep in mind Russia might be very cold during winter, especially those areas around Saint Petersburg so you have to be well prepared if you are not coming to a sunny season. This country is home to some of the coldest regions such as Siberia for example, The temperatures are often dropping even below minus 60 celsius during the coldest days so that’s definitely a life-threatening weather condition.

However, it provides a remarkable travel experience to those tourists who love and appreciate extreme traveling conditions. They will definitely not forget a location of that type, and there are only a few places on the earth that provide such an extreme environment.

Russia has indeed many contrasts, thanks to its size. It stretches from North Europe to the Far East so there are many things to see and explore. It is also a mix of various cultures because Russia is bordering many different countries.


Get a Visa

It is also useful to know, Russia is an open country and tourism is a big industry there. They have embassies all over the world and they welcome foreign tourists. That means you can apply for a visa quite easily, and it is only necessary to meet basic requirements in order to get access to the country.

There are also various travel agencies in all cities that can help you with the paperwork, such as It is nothing special, however, you might be a little confused if you do not have a lot of experience with trips of that kind.

In general, it is necessary to have a valid passport with an expiration date of at least the next six months at the moment of submitting the application. The longer the validity the better because you have a chance to get a longer visa in that case as well.

Next to this, you will have to fill appropriate application forms with your personal details. The agency can also help you with this so you just have to provide truthful answers.

The embassy also requires two photos of the same size as those in your passport and they are going together with the application form. The photos are used for the visa holder’s registry, and the authorities have the right to use them whenever appropriate.

An Russian invitation is also a helpful document when it comes to supporting your application, and you may get the visa more easily if you possess one of these.

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