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Pharonic Egypt and best places to visit

Life is a chance for a daring adventure where you will get to see the world with different eyes. So if you choose to be in Egypt there is nothing better to help you get prepared than Luxor and Aswan Travel. Egypt is one of the few places on earth that can deliver the truest meaning and experience of the word adventure. Egypt has always been known as the grand adventure, the home of magic, beauty and the most majesty ancient monuments and artifacts the world has ever seen among some of history’s oldest cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor & Aswan. So let’s discover what Egypt has to offer in 2020.

Giza Pyramid Complex

Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Egypt is the Giza Pyramid Complex which was built to a stairway to heaven. Many adventure travelers always make the Pyramids of Giza their first destination for adventure holiday, so Travel to Egypt to discover the act as a true reflection of an immortal symbol of the glory, greatness and acted as the official motto of Egypt of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Everything started in the old Kingdom (2686 -2181 BC) the golden age where Egyptian society flourished in every aspects which led to the creation of the Giza Pyramids Complex.

It consists of the Three Great Pyramids and the sole guardian of Egypt the sphinx. The three Pyramids are the Great pyramid of Khufu which is the only surviving monuments of the seven wonders of the ancient world, it is the tallest man-made structure ever constructed at the height of 146.5 m for more than 3.800 years to be the tomb of pharaoh Khufu.

The second pyramid of khafre is the second tallest pyramid built in the 4th dynasty and the tomb of pharaoh Khafre (2558-2532 BC) who is famous for constructing the great sphinx, the world’s oldest & biggest statue and finally comes the smallest of the three pyramids, the pyramid of Menkaure which was built in 2510 BC to follow the legacy of his ancestors.

Bahariya Oasis

Pharonic Egypt and best places to visit 2
The White Desert Sahara

One of the most magical destinations in Egypt is the Bahariya Oasis which is known as a treasure island of archaeological finds dating of the ancient Egyptian empire between 1975 BC and 395 BC where it was an important trading location and held a significant political power. It is 94 km long, 40 km and covers an area of 2000 km² just 370 km north of Cairo. It holds hundreds of tombs dating to the Greco-roman period (332 BC-395 AD) that holds amazing rich decorations and ornaments with religious scenes of mortuary and offerings featuring images from roman artistic mythology merged beautifully with ancient traditional pharaonic art. In the northernmost point of the oasis there is the small lake of Al Marun and a number of natural hot springs in the north of the oasis, there is also a museum which contains a number of native art.

Valley of the Kings

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Temple of Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt | Andreas Kaupp

Out of all the enchanting destinations in Egypt nothing can compare to the majesty and allure of the Valley of the Kings. In the heart of a mountain in Luxor lies the Valley to the gates of the kings, which acts as the final resting place to more than 20 King and Queens from the 16th to the 11th century BC during the new kingdom (1570-1050 BC). The valley is located on the west bank of the Nile and holds 63 tombs and chambers many of the royal family and nobles. The first pharaoh ever buried there was Tutmosis I and the last pharaoh was Rameses X .

The full dynasty of Ramsess, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep and The Boy-King Tutankhamun are buried there. Inside the valley lies an unbelievably enchanting decorations and artifacts that makes the entire valley a true miracle to behold and in 1979 it became one of the world heritage site.

The Karnak Temple

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Luxor and Karnak Temples, The Nile

One of the most magical destinations in Egypt is the holy Karnak temple, the world’s oldest and one of the biggest worship places in the world. In ancient times the karnak was known as Iprt-isu which means “The Most Selected Places” because it was the biggest house of worship in ancient Egypt to goddess such as Amun, Maat and Khonsu. The temple is 2.5 km (1.6 mil) north of Luxor and the constructing process started in the Middle Kingdom (1975-1640 BC) till the Ptolemaic period (323 – 30 BC) on the east bank of the river Nile. This fortified village holds a huge number of chapels, pylons and a lot of decayed temples that date to the days of the new kingdom. The karnak mostly consists from avenues of sphinxes, huge pillars, towering columns and a massive obelisk that stands at the height of 97 ft.

Abu Simbel

Pharonic Egypt and best places to visit 5
Tourists visiting the temple of Ramesses II in Abu Simbel

The great temples of Abu Simbel have acted as the final frontier and as a gateway to the deep lands of. This great temples were built by Ramsess II in the new kingdom (157 -1050 BC) in the 13th century BC on the west bank of the Nile in Aswan in order to immortalize his legacy through the ages. The temples were carved into the heart of the and inside the great temples lies wall images detailing his battle with Hittie during the battle of Kadesh and also the temple is the host of the sun festival takes place on the 22 of Feburay and October when the sun rays enter the temple and shine the light of the statues of the four gods who are god Ptah, Amon, Re-hor-Akhtynas and Ramses himself. The smaller one is dedicated to his beloved wife Nefertari. The temple was the part of the biggest rescue mission in modern history by the UNESCO in 1968 when the Nile flood almost submerged the temple due to the Aswan High Dam.

Philae Temple

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A front view of the Philae Temple

The magical Philae temple is famous for being the official temple of the sky god Hours. It was constructed in the Ptolemaic Period between (237 – 57 BC) and is considered to be the most preserved temples in Egypt. The temple gained wide fame for being a place of mythological importance as it is the origin source of the Osiris & Isis myth and the place where Hours and Set fought for the future of Egypt. The temple was able to provide highly important information on the linguistic structure of the ancient Egyptian language, the myth and religion during the Hellenistic period.

Hurghada Desert

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Tourists on a safari trip in the Hurghada Desert

The pure natural atmosphere of the Hughada desert and The astronomical night skies are a sight to behold. There is no better way to experience it than riding a camel or a jeep through its center and enjoy all the spectacular hidden locations like the various majestic Bedouin villages and Hurghada’s Sahara park a.k.a the eastern Arabian Desert hills. You will explore all the ancient locations in the core of the desert, witness the color of the desert shifting during the sunset and behold all the ancient villages of Bedouin culture and watch the most beautiful sunrise.

Red Sea Hurghada Diving Sites

Pharonic Egypt and best places to visit 8
A diver in a diving site at the Red Sea Hurghadael 

There are countless diving locations in Hurghada the showcases the incredible hidden beauty of the red sea. In the ethereal water of Hurghada lies the Gota Abu Ramada a.k.a The Aquarium that is considered to be one of the most popular diving locations in the red sea. It has the depth of 100 m (300 ft) and holds a massive amount of marine life and Located 65 km southeast of Hurghada is the submerged reef near the Suez Canal called Sha’ab Abu Nuhas a.k.a the copper reef which is famous for being a wreck diver’s paradise next to it is a shipwreck the Arnatic, a UK cargo ship that sunk in 1869, Greek ship Chrisoula K and the German Kimon M. also some of the most famous diving sites are Gifton Island,Shadwan island, Siyul Kebira.


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