12 Places for College Students Traveling to Enrich Their Experiences

College life is the time to grow, learn and experiment. College students should expose themselves to travel at this age to step out of their comfort zones. Travel exposes one to many different experiences that, in turn, become great life lessons. 

College students have the time at hand to explore. You could plan educational tours, hiking tours, experiential travel, or even plan a trip to take a break. Travel teaches lessons that help you look at life and can be a huge part of your accomplishments.

12 Places for College Students Traveling to Enrich Their Experiences 1


Thailand is a favorite among young travelers. A major part of its popularity comes from the fact that Thailand is an affordable destination. Hence it’s the best fit for students. Thailand offers many experiences like island hopping or enjoying the lush mountain terrains. Bangkok is a hustling and bustling city that offers many experiences.

Traveling in college will be time-consuming and tiring in equal parts as it is exciting. A student on travel must not compromise on his education and take the right help they need. Make studying and writing easy with the plagiarism checker. You will get the right results and be on top of your work even when you are away on tour. Once you have your assignments and homework done well in time, and without any plagiarism, you can reward yourself with a short tour to someplace on your bucket list.


Budapest is a popular destination in Europe. If you are studying in there, Budapest should be on your ‘must go’ list. It is one of the cheapest places to travel in the country and is picturesque. A reason that it is a favorite among students is the availability of cheap travel and accommodation.

Havana, Cuba

Havana city has a distinct history, and once you visit, you will notice this distinction. Havana has a unique appearance and culture and makes for a great fit for college students. You can enjoy its beaches and its rich nightlife experience.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is often called Heaven on Earth. This city in Indonesia has some of the most beautiful beaches. It is also cheap to travel and fits the bill for college students on budget travel.

12 Places for College Students Traveling to Enrich Their Experiences 2

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers majestic and lush green landscapes. The waterfalls are beautiful and one of a kind. Sri Lanka is a comfortable place for young tourists who are looking for low-cost accommodations and experiences. Plan a trip to Sri Lanka to witness the beauty and culture.


One of the places that top the list for college students is Vietnam. Vietnam has cultural and historical landmarks. It makes for a great educational tour for youngsters. You will get to learn and experience Vietnam in a way that changes your outlook on life. It is affordable and safe for travel.

Bogota, Columbia

Bogota is a culturally rich city and has spectacular art. If you are an art lover, you must make it a point to visit the city. You will find the city streets filled with graffiti that impacts and motivates your imagination.


If you are interested in history, then Peru should be a must travel to on your list. On visiting, you will experience breathtaking and amazing ancient ruins, and it sure is something no place can offer. Again, it tops the list as it is affordable and a perfect choice for college students.


A diverse country with a welcoming and friendly nature, India is one country a student must visit. Traveling to India is quite cheap and is accessible from all parts of the world. India is a cultural hub with budding commercialization that offers a great experience to first-time travelers.

South Africa

If you are an adventurous person, then South Africa is the perfect destination for you. Off-roading with a UTV to jungle safaris, everything here is enriching and fun in South Africa. You will also get to witness the culture and historical monuments in the country.


Malaysia is another Asian country that is super and offers unique experiences. You can savor exotic meals, enjoy beaches, relax in comfortable accommodation, and all on budget.


If you are a nightlife-loving person, Spain is your go-to country. Parties and nightlife in Spain go up to dawn and early mornings. Once the parties are over, you will find cafes with an amazing vibe where you can eat to your heart’s content.


Start making your bucket list and make plans to travel to these places whenever there is a session break. You can also look for internships in any of these places to live and grab a lifetime experience.

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