Helpful Guides for Car Rentals in Kroatia 1

Helpful Guides for Car Rentals in Kroatia

Hello or Zdravo traveler! Croatia or Kroatia is one of the best countries to visit, with beautiful coastlines, centuries-old buildings, pebble beaches, museums, restaurants, galleries, and shopping malls. If you just want to enjoy and relax under the Mediterranean sunshine, this country should be ideal. Learn more facts about Croatia on this site here.

The best thing is that you can visit old towns, explore the white cobblestones, and stunning cathedrals by car. Going from Point A to Point B is now more convenient when you get in touch with the right company. Book your ideal vehicle in advance for hassle-free traveling. You can go to the second-largest city in Croatia, Split, and get to see the personal garrison of the Emperor. There are also attractions like the Cathedral of St. Domnius with the elegant bell towers that you should not miss.

So, what are you waiting for?

Getting a car rental to enjoy the ruins bathed with lights will be the best way to make the most of your vacation. If you want to go to the nearest fishing harbor that’s far from public transport, then there will be no problems. Your reliable car will get to your hilltop fortresses and the best seafood restaurants without a hitch.

Reasons to Hire A Car

-Get more convenience when it comes to transportation. It will make a huge difference to travel anywhere in Croatia in a more independent manner. You won’t have to be pressed for time, and you can stay in a place for a very long time because you don’t have to worry about the final trip schedules of buses and trains.

-There’s an option to explore off the beaten tracks and see beautiful cliff sides, oceans, and towns that are not usually available for tourists.

-You can also get food while you’re on your way to a tourist attraction, and this will allow for more spontaneity. The entire family will be more flexible, and you can allow a little spontaneity during the day whenever you want.

-Another thing is the views! These country sides, castles, national parks, and coastal regions are simply gorgeous! There are lakes, waterfalls, and stunning landscapes where you can go out of the car and take pictures. The pictures are going to be much different than when they were taken from the bus window.

However, the problem is that renting a vehicle in a different country can be complex. This is where this guide can help you, so you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and prevent unexpected surprises. Here are other things to know about:

1. Costs of Can Rentals

One of the things that you need to prepare for when renting a car in Croatia is the cost. Companies will charge differently. The average is $27 per day, which is considered to be the cheapest, while others may charge $50 a day. Know that the country is hugely popular with tourists, so it’s well worth it to rent out the car before you leave and not when you arrive at the airport.

It’s best if you could visit international sites and other local companies for discount coupons. The best ones like will be able to give you more affordable options and popular deals so you can save more. Check all the prices and get packages that will suit your needs.

Comparison aggregators are usually available on the web, so make sure to check them out. Sort by variety, car type, and price so you wouldn’t have to sort through many results and waste time. You need to know the kind of car you need, consider the number of people traveling with you, the month of the trip, and where you would go as these factors will significantly affect the price.

Average prices may be written in Croatian Kuna or HRK, but some websites display USD exchange rates. An economy car in peak seasons will be $32/day, while they might cost you around $29.5 if you visit in the low season. Mini cars have prices that range from $29.5 to $33.5, and a 4×4 will be as high as $258. An RV will cost more, and it will range from $97.5 to $149.

This might sound obvious, but you may need to book in advance to reduce the prices if you want a more affordable rate. Some are even offering discounts during seasons when there are not a lot of tourists, so traveling during peak seasons is not often recommended. Peak seasons in Croatia are usually in the months of June to September. If you did find vehicles still available, they could significantly escalate within minutes because of the higher demand.

Prices for Insurance

If you’ve ever rented a car abroad before, know that many companies offer an insurance package and policy that will go along with the vehicle. However, these packages are often costly, and you may want to explore other options like getting insurance from your credit card.

Various companies may offer short-term insurance, and they are available for a more reasonable and available price. It’s highly recommended to visit several sites, ask your insurers, and look for more affordable options before signing the papers. A comprehensive package that offers body injuries and car parts may be your best choice, and many other people are taking advantage of them.

Gas Prices

A significant portion of your travel budget will usually go towards petrol or fuel during your road trips. Today, the prices in Croatia are around $1.40 per liter, and you should also return the rented car with a full tank, so this is definitely something that you need to include when you travel.

2. Documents to Know About

For you to be able to rent a car in the first place, it’s essential to have an international driving license, and it should not be in Chinese or Cyrillic. Application for the international driver’s license is only available for those that are not written in Latin letters.

It would be best if you did not forget to take your credit card because some companies won’t accept debits. There’s also a need for a deposit, especially if you’re not going to buy the complete insurance package from them. The allowed ages are those who are 18 years older. Those who are older than 70 or younger than 22 may also be subjected to extra costs.

3. Best Companies for Car Rentals

The best car rentals will depend on your needs. If you’re traveling within the country, the local ones are more than enough to give you what you need. However, it may be a different story if you decide to go out of the border and travel to other countries.

It’s best to look at various platforms and know your options before deciding on the best course of action. The good news is that whether you’re traveling to see the local spots, or you want to go across the continent, there’s always an option available for you.

Be diligent, do your research, and compare prices before you arrive at the city. The best part about these is that you’re actually getting the protection you deserve in cases of accidents or if something does not go according to plan. If you’re going to choose a local company, know that there’s a huge possibility of them ignoring the claims, and you might not be protected as you’ve thought initially.

4. Things to Consider when you Rent a Vehicle in Croatia

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Although you may find it cool to rent a vehicle that looks cool, there are other considerations that you need to think about when it comes to rentals. These are the following:

  • Ask the company whether the car has a built-in GPS. If not, you might want to use the ones on your phone or get a satnav. Download the maps so you’ll have something to access whenever you feel lost, and there’s no connection in a specific location. Keep the batteries of the phone fully charged at all times to avoid getting lost.
  • Make sure only to get the vehicles with the appropriate sizes. Take the people who are traveling with you into consideration, the luggage that you would take with you and the place where you’ll go.
  • If you decide to drive out of Croatia, make sure to let the company know about this first so that they can tell you about their policies, rules, and regulations. However, just be aware that there’s a small parcel of land in Bosnia that does not count as a border crossing, and this is something that you may want to know
  • When you’re going to be driving for long distances, make sure to have cruise control with you. This is very helpful, especially if you’re going to go for a drive on the highway.
  • The location will matter and renting cars in Zagreb may mean that you’ll have to spend double the price from Zadar or Dubrovnik.

There are also additional fees like the number of drivers, one-way drop-offs, and hidden service taxes. Make sure to know more about them before renting so you can prepare your budget accordingly.

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