Travel Destinations for Improving Nursing Students’ Learning

Nursing students have a lot of opportunities open to them. They can travel abroad and get to explore different healthcare systems. Traveling while studying nursing has the potential to improve how nurses administer healthcare.

There are so many destination options for improving nursing skills. These options range from underdeveloped territories to first-world countries. Which travel destinations are the best for improving nursing students’ learning?

Travel Destinations for Improving Nursing Students' Learning 1


Haiti suffered a catastrophic natural disaster in 2010. The earthquake left this country splitting at the seams. From political problems to social issues, there is no rest for Haitians. The political and social issues worsened the healthcare infrastructure.

This country has a great demand for a healthcare overhaul. Nurses that travel for work purposes pour in every now and then to this country. As a student, there is a lot to learn from how nurses administer healthcare in Haiti. You can learn how to make the most out of scarce resources to save lives. Nurses can also learn how to treat patients despite adverse economic conditions.


Australia has immense diversity spread across the country. There are very modern cities with advanced healthcare and rural areas where nurses need to improvise.

Pursuing an education in nursing in Australia can equip you to be a highly-skilled student nurse. There is a beautiful landscape that you might like to explore while studying. To help lighten the burden from your college lecturer, you can get nursing assignment help online by AssignmentBro, the leading writing site. With the help received from this online writing service, you can learn more from nurses in Australia. In that way, you will learn more practical skills while professional writers handle your assignments.

Travel Destinations for Improving Nursing Students' Learning 2


Ethiopia’s nursing sector is the epitome of administering healthcare in austere environments. The country itself is not advanced as other African countries. This country is very disconnected from the world, with minimal cell coverage and technological infrastructure.

For nursing students, traveling while studying in Ethiopia is going to be a true adventure. As a student nurse, you can learn how to use traditional systems without advanced healthcare tech. At the same time, you can focus more on your studies without distractions from tech devices. Since Ethiopia is also one of the poorest countries, you can learn lessons like compassion for others.


Another African country off the grid with a high demand for nurses is Malawi. Nurses are in high demand in this country because of the lack of innovative healthcare systems. The health problems stacked against Malawians are far too great for their current infrastructure. For example, Malawi has one of the highest rates of malaria infections.

Having additional nurses could make a huge difference for the citizens of this country. Local nurses can learn a lot from a student nurse studying in a first-world country. You will also learn a lot from local nurses and doctors about handling challenging medical conditions without a properly established infrastructure.


Thailand is popular as a destination for medicine traveling. Citizens from countries where medicine is expensive, like the U.S, tend to opt for medicine traveling. They go to underdeveloped countries to get medical attention at a fraction of the price charged back home. This growing demand requires more hands on deck.

Traveling to Thailand can teach student nurses how to handle high volumes of medical cases at a time. Nurses can also get exposure to complex medical procedures. Some of these medical procedures include spinal surgeries or dental work. Also, Thailand has beautiful destinations for traveling. Additionally, the costs of living are very low in this country.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a significant demand for nurses. This demand is due to local healthcare personnel migrating to developed countries. Many nurses tend to migrate to the U.S because of better employment opportunities.

The migration of nurses from this country creates a demand for healthcare personnel. Student nurses can affect significant change when traveling to the Dominican Republic. The current nurse-to-patient ratio in this country is less than 2:1000. As these figures show, there is a lot of work in the Dominican Republic. You will feel like you’re making a real difference in this country.

In conclusion

Traveling as a student nurse contributes to self-development and helps master work-related skills. You can learn how to administer healthcare under challenging circumstances. As a student nurse, there are different destinations to explore. Some of these destinations could be first-world countries or underdeveloped territories. You can also explore some tourist attractions and enjoy being in the country.

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