Luxor and Aswan Travel offers for you travel packages for all tastes including classic historical sites, diving and snorkeling cities, adventure and desert. We grantee for you all pleasure. We offer Egypt cruise holidays. this amazing journey through the Nile Valley and relax along the way, touring the most famous historical sites in egypt. Cruising between Aswan and Luxor will give you time to relax and take in the scenery of the Nile Valley, while enjoying tours to some of the most amazing Egyptian Ancient temples.

  • 2 Days 1 Nights package

    If you want to book and orgainze a short visit to Egypt the you are in the right place as Luxor and Aswan Travel offers Cheap Egypt Travel packages for 2 days 1 night Packages

  • 3 Days 2 Nights Short vacations

    We offer short break vacation designed for you to enjoy week end in Egypt. Luxor and Aswan Travel organize many private tours to visit Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan.

  • 4 Days 3 Nights Short Holidays

    Explore the history of Egypt through Luxor and Aswan Travel which offer for you tours to different cities in Egypt. To discover the Egyptian history, Book now and save.

  • 5 Days 4 Nights Short Breaks

    There are a lot of things you can do in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan Travel will assist you to have a great time in Cairo, Our Cairo Excursions will take you to Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Saladin Citadel and Islamic Cairo.

  • 6 Days 5 Nights Travel Packages

    Egypt Travel packages for 6 Days 5 Nights includes travel package to Cairo and Luxor Travel package to Cairo and Alexandria, Travel packages to Cairo, Luxor & Aswan.

  • 7 Days 6 Nights Classic Tours

    Discover the captivating pharaonic history through an exciting tour that suits your financial conditions. Visit the Great Pyramids and see how great the ancient Egyptians to build such gigantic pyramids were.

  • 8 Days 7 Nights Private Tours

    We offer special tours for travelers to discover the Pharaonic history visiting the Great Pyramids, the Valley Temple and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Have the chance to explore Egypt.

  • 9 Days 8 Nights Egypt Stay Tours

    Luxor and Aswan Travel offers you fantastic Budget tours, travel packages to enjoy Cairo day trips, Luxor sightseeing, Aswan Nile cruises, Aswan day trips, Alexandria day trips and Hurghada.

  • 10 Days 9 Nights Egypt Long Stay Holidays Tours

    Enjoy your Egypt private tours with an amazing knowledgeable Egyptology tour guide, Experience Egypt by visiting Cairo, Nile Cruise, Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada and more.

  • 11 Days 10 Nights Egypt Packages Tours

    Enjoy a trip to explore the Egyptian history start by Cairo to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World (the pyramids) and the Egyptian museum then you will go south to visit Luxor & Aswan.

  • 12 Days 11 Nights Egypt Packages Tours

    Enjoy your Egypt tours with an amazing knowledgeable Egyptology tour guide. start with Cairo and continue you journey through Aswan and Luxor and finish with a Hurghada tours.

  • 13 Days 12 Nights Egypt Packages Tours

    With our 13 day Egypt tours you can well and truly experience the very best Egypt has to offer. All our Egypt tour packages are private guided tours that can be customized to fit your exact needs and wants.

  • 14 Days 13 Nights Egypt Packages Tours

    14 day Egypt tours are among the most popular of all Egypt packages, largely because of the fact that they allow visitors to experience all the best attractions in Egypt within a relatively short space of time.

  • 15 Days 14 Nights Egypt Packages Tours

    Egypt tour packages and particularly 15 day Egypt tours allow you to experience the very best sites and attractions of an ancient world. Book now with Luxor and Aswan Travel.