3 Reasons to Tour the Jamaican Blue Mountains

3 Reasons to Tour the Jamaican Blue Mountains

Most probably you heard of the Jamaican Blue Mountains because of their great coffee. But did you know that you could actually take a tour of the mountains and learn more about the destination and the rich history of Jamaica? If you’re a person who loves adventure, you should consider this on your bucket list. It’s because the Jamaican Blue Mountains totally have more to offer.

To know more, here are the top three reasons why the Jamaican Blue Mountains are worth the travel for your next adventure escapade.

1.It features majestic scenery 

This might be the side of Jamaica that you haven’t seen yet. This is why this adventure destination is considered one of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets. The Blue Mountains has the longest mountain range along with the easter edge of the country. Thus, you can really expect to witness the entire nature and beautiful sceneries at their finest during your hike. 

Since its tallest peak is 1,500 feet, you will definitely see breathtaking mountain views. Aside from that, you can also get a glimpse of an amazing waterfall view, exotic birds, and plants. The trail won’t be a problem as well since there are signs to follow every step of the way. Lastly, if you’re able to make it to the top on time, you will witness the stunning sunrise which makes the whole adventure worth it. 

2.It’s the home of the world’s renowned Blue Mountain Coffee

As mentioned earlier, their coffee is one of the main reasons why they become well-known. The Blue Mountains is the only place on earth where these coffee beans are produced. This is why it’s one of the rarest and most sought-after in the coffee market and for coffee brewing. What makes it special is that it’s carefully planted in rich soil, cool climate, high-altitude, and adequate rainfall. No wonder why it is really expensive. 

Before it is produced in the market, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee undergoes a manual inspection from a panel of experts also known as the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board or JCIB. Every bean should pass all the quality tests before it will be given a seal. So, before purchasing one, make sure to get it from a brand that has a seal. You can find out more on this page about the best brands that sell authentic Jamaican Blue Coffee.

3.The locals that live in the mountain are very welcoming and friendly

Yes, there are people who live in the mountains. You will most probably encounter them during your visit but there’s no need to worry as they are very accommodating and will even give more information about the place where they live. These people are mostly the farmers of the famous Jamaican Blue Coffee. So if you have questions about it, they can surely provide you with the answers you need. 

Final Words

What makes an adventure worthy is the story of a place beholds. Because aside from witnessing amazing views, you can also discover a rich history that’s priceless. And, Jamaican Blue Mountains is one place that has both a note-worthy scenery and a very interesting story. 

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