The Giza Pyramids have inspired travelers to come to Egypt for thousands of years. Each year millions of people visit Cairo, Luxor, and the Nile Valley to visit the Ancient Egyptian temples, tombs, and monuments. Visitors are also drawn to the stunning architecture and rich history of medieval Islamic Cairo and the legendary Greco-Roman legacy of Alexandria. However, despite all of its history along the Nile Valley, the areas to the east along the Red Sea and in the Sinai Peninsula have become a booming destination in their own right. This coastline has grown into a popular beach destination for tourists passing up the wonders of the Nile Valley for the calm blue waters of the Red Sea, white sandy beaches, and some of the most spectacular coral reefs teeming with sea-life.

After visiting the Giza Pyramids and Islamic Cairo and traveling south to take in the ancient monuments at Luxor and along the Nile Valley, there is still much to do in Egypt. In the west, the striking beauty and unparallel calm of the Sahara Desert offer the opportunity to experience the rich hospitality and unique culture of the Bedouin, who have called it home for millennia, but east Egypt’s long coastlines along the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula are some sorts of the pearl of Egypt, not as in the spotlight but with undeniable treasures. 

The Booming Tourism at the Red Sea in Egypt 

Coastal towns like Hurghada, Marsa Alam, and Ain Sokhna have grown into thriving exclusive resorts that offer beautiful beaches and nearly year-round warm water temperatures. Off the coast, several coral islands and thousands of species of fish make it perfect for those who are lovers of scuba diving or those who like to try diving in the red sea.

Eastern Desert visitors can now also enjoy this imposing landscape on camping trips and quad bike tours. The Sinai Peninsula also offers access to the crystal waters of the Red Sea as well as the historic expanses of the peninsula's interior. Sharm El Sheikh is a thriving resort town with beautiful beaches, thriving nightlife, and protected natural areas nearby that offer beautiful coral and marine life.

Further north in Dahab and Nuweiba the atmosphere is more relaxed, but the beauty of the Red Sea is just as accessible. From both places, it is easy to access the interior of Sinai, where the Bedouin who have controlled these mountains for thousands of years show visitors the secrets of the desert as well as Sinai’s history including Mount Sinai and the Monastery of St. Katherine.

Where is Red Sea located? 

The Red Sea is located between the Saudi Arabian Peninsula and the East African coast.

Why is it called the Red Sea?

The beautiful Red Sea was named according to common certain common algae found in the Red Sea called Trichodesmium Erythraeum, these algae when dead turn the sea from a blue-green color to a reddish-brown color instead.


The Best Destinations in the Red Sea of Egypt

Depending on if you are a solo traveler, an adventure seeker or going on a family vacation, the Red Sea has wonderful destinations packed with activities such as diving, beach relaxation, spas, kite surfing, nightclubbing and fishing trips, here is a selection of some of the best destinations in the Red Sea on the Egyptian coast:


A coastal village in the middle of the eastern shore of Sinai known as the Red Sea Riviera, Dahab is now booming as a diving community. It offers a range of accommodations from hostels for budget travelers to luxurious full-service resorts. All of this is located right on the water, tucked between the purple mountains of Sinai’s interior and the crystal waters of the Gulf of Aqaba with the shadowy mountains of Saudi Arabia visible across the water in the distance.

The central part of Dahab offers a well-established strip of restaurants and hotels the allow travelers to lounge by the water while enjoying full restaurant service. Further north the vibe is more relaxed and less developed and a few miles out of town in either direction, you will find resorts along the coast that offer more privacy for those seeking a more exclusive experience. 

Snorkeling and diving trips can be organized from any of the locations in Dahab, with a wide range of snorkeling and diving sites with one of the cleanest sea-water in the world, the red sea diving experience is in high demand and attract experience and first-time divers from all over the world.

Many of the hotels or tourism shops offer diving trips, safari trips, and many other trips into Sinai’s interior. Quad bike excursions, camel rides, and day trips to St. Katherine and Mount Sinai deep in the middle of the peninsula are all popular.

About 60 kilometers north of Dahab is the town of Nuweiba, which is even more low-key. Most of the accommodations there consist of simple huts on the beach with a restaurant nearby. They provide the ultimate in relaxation and also the easiest access to excursions to Sinai’s interior.

Sharm El Sheikh

Located at the southern point of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheik and Naama Bay in the neighboring bay are the premier beach spots in Egypt. They both have developed from nothing from thirty years ago into booming beachfront resorts that offer year-round sun and a lively nightlife

Organized on a single main road between the water and the mountains, these resort areas offer countless accommodation options, cafes, restaurants, and bars where people gather every day at sunset time to watch one of Sharm’s most spectacular attractions, the beach sunset.

Sharm also offers some incredible diving locations and most hotels organize diving and snorkeling trips. European tourists flock here year-round, especially in the fall, winter, and early spring before the summer heat gets too intense. 

Just a few miles away from Ras Mohammed National Marine Park, you will find a marine reserve that offers some of the most diverse and plentiful sea-life available to divers. 


Located at the Red Sea, around 1 hour after El Gouna and 2 hours before Sharm, Hurghada city is the biggest city on the red sea. Hurghada Airport makes it easy to travel to Hurghada for people traveling from overseas or from Egypt itself. Reaching Hurghada by road and shuttle buses is also possible and quite popular among tourists and Egyptians seeking the beach environment that Hurghada offers.

Hurghada is divided into three partitions, El Dahar, the old area in Hurghada and which has the old market and Bazaars, the biggest Masjid and the church. The second area is called El Sakala and this one consists of many Bazaars, Cafes, discus, Hurghada Marina, and Hurghada port, which offers ferry boats to Sharm El Sheikh and Saudi Arabia daily. The newest area is the Touristic Road that takes place in front of the hotels, which offers many Bazaars, cafes, and discus along the road. 

El Gouna

A beautiful resort town with a big heart community, El Gouna became home to many expats living in Egypt. With its numerous 5-stars hotels and a marina strip with some of the best restaurants in Egypt, El Gouna is a favorite to many who visit or choose to live there.

A famous wedding destination in Egypt, El Gouna offers paradisiac water with boat rides and fishing trips. Famous for its vast sea life, El Gouna offers some of the best sites for experienced divers who flock in groups all year round.

El Gouna is also home for one of the biggest music festivals in Egypt and offers numerous options for a fun night out. The perfect wind conditions make El Gouna a favorite among kite surfers. With all of its diversity, El Gouna offers the perfect holiday for any type of traveler. 


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