The Most Famous Alexandria Tourist Attractions

Alexandria is the charming pearl of the Mediterranean, it’s the second most populated state in Egypt. The history of Alexandria dates back to the Greco-Roman era, it was built by Alexander the Great. One of the famous tourist attractions of Alexandria is the library, the Catacombs, the castle of Quitbay, and many more of Alexandria tourist attractions. Don’t miss the chance to discover all these amazing monuments and the unbelievable natural beauty of Alexandria.

Alexandria Qaitbay Citadel in Egypt. Fort Qaitbay is situated on the most visible location of Alexandria city. Located on the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancien

The Great Library of Alexandria, which was probably established by Ptolemy I (305-285 BC), was the most important centre of learning in ancient times.

Pompey's Pillar is the most well known Egyptian monument that is still standing among the ancient remains of Egypt. Situated on a modest hill near the large Arab cemete

These catacombs are historical archaeological site located in Alexandria, Egypt, and were originally a private crypt, but were later extended with more roman burials.

Montazah Palace was built east of Alexandria on a high hill and overlooking the most beautiful beach of Alexandria. Al-Montazah is the Arabic translation for park. Years ag

Greco-Roman Museum Alexandria Egypt was first built in 1892 as a small building located on Horreya Road. Roman Theatre is located in the central region of Alexandria city a

Stood on Pharos island, the Lighthouse of Alexandria is also known as Pharos of Alexandria. Read more about what once was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Roman Amphitheatre, Egypt. Roman Amphitheatre or Roman Theatre is located in the central region of Alexandria city at Kom el-Dikka. Bordered by the Horrya Street in th

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